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AALCI Entries

Joycelyn Moody and the Coltrane Quartet
The Navigator: Tara Schmidt
Agnes Czeblakow, Special Collections, and Teleportation
Responses to poems by Amiri Baraka, Jayne Cortez, and Ishmael Reed
Responses to poems by Maya Angelou and Lucille Clifton
• Deborah Willis's Black: A Celebration of Culture, Notes #1
The Underground Railroad, Notes #1
Course packets and reading materials
Joycelyn Moody and the 2017 AALCI Fellows

Visiting the Strand Book Store 
Visiting the African Burial Ground 
Touring Harlem & the Schomburg with Doris G. Lango-Leak
2016 Poster Session 
Meeting with Dean Agbenyiga
Harriet Kelley: A treasured art collector 
Response to Tyehimba Jess 
Responses to Kevin Young
Response to Robert H. Frank's "Why Luck Matters..."
Response to Jamaica Kincaid's "Girl"
Response to Reginald Harris's "The Lost Boys: A Requiem"
Responses to Common's Freestyle 
A courtside seat with Joycelyn Moody  
Photos of Fellows visiting John Peace Library at UTSA
Agnes Czeblakow, Special Collections, and foreshadowing 
Fellows Visit John Peace Library 
Who should write more? Part 2
Who should write more? Part 1
Response to Nikki Giovanni's "Ego Tripping"
Responses to Gwendolyn Brooks, Robert Hayden, Amiri Baraka 
Response to Lucille Clifton's "slaveship"
Responses to Margaret Walker, Maya Angelou & Lucille Clifton
Responses to Amiri Baraka's "Dope"
Responses to Malcolm X’s “Message to the Grassroots”
2016 Readings
Joycelyn Moody and the 2016 AALCI Fellows
Institute course packets
AALCI 2016
African American Literatures and Cultures Institute at a Glance

How many questions does Bridget Drinka ask per minute? 
Black women, posing, and selfies 
AALCI in New York City 2015 
Tiasha Jefferson's Poster Presentation
Ayesha Malik's Poster Presentation
Asia Mott’s Poster Presentation
Fullamusu Bangura’s Poster Presentation
Bianca Young’s Poster Presentation
Jay Hotrum’s Poster Presentation
Poster Presentation
Being M.L.K.G
A Serious Supporter: Wanda Guntz 
Design Notes: Ayesha Malik 
Design notes: Tiasha Jefferson
Design notes: Asia Mott
Design notes: Fullamusu Bangura 
Design notes: Bianca Young
Design notes: Jay Hotrum
The Interlocutor, the Ghost Hunter: Joycelyn Moody   
Scholars at Work: AALCI Fellows Visit Special Collections
The Connector: Tara Schmidt
Fellows Visit John Peace Library 
Founder/director, Joycelyn Moody, meets with the Fellows
Week #1 Readings 
Notebooks and sharing 
Responding to Phillis Wheatley and Hayden's "Frederick Douglass" 
Reading slavery/liberation
Joycelyn Moody and the 2015 AALCI Fellows
AALCI 2015

Notes on Strand Bookstore 
AALCI in New York City 2014
Moody's photos of Rambsy
Poster presentation
Deontez Wimbley's poster presentation
Alesia Alexander's poster presentation
Candace Chambers' poster presentation
Mariah Hill's poster presentation
Josalynn Smith's poster presentation
Amber Walker's poster presentation
Fellows prepare for poster session
The value of bringing a broad group of students together 
Responses to Nikki Giovanni and Lucille Clifton
Responses to Lucille Clifton and Jayne Cortez  
Responses to Amiri Baraka's poetry 
It takes a village to produce a book 
Experts in action: UTSA's Tara Schmidt and Juli McLoone
Tara Schmidt, Juli McLoone & AALCI, 2010 - 2014 
6 ways of looking at a slave ship
A glance at the 5 AALCI cohorts, 2010 - 2014 
The AALCI Course Packet
Joycelyn Moody welcomes the 5th AALCI cohort
Alesia Alexander (Grand Valley State)
Josalynn Smith (Washington University)
Amber Walker (University of Texas at San Antonio) 
Mariah Hill (University of Arizona)
Deontez Wimbley (Claflin University)
Candace Chambers (Jackson State University) 
Joycelyn Moody and the 2014 AALCI Fellows
AALCI 2014

Meeting with Upward Bound student 
The AALCI Poster Session
Week 1 photos: selection of images
The Multi-data artist currently known as Bridget Drinka
Tara Schmidt and those Clarifying Questions
DH special collections librarian or special collections DH scholar?
AALCI Fellows meet with UTSA Librarians
Allegra Castro and Erin Ranft, the organizers
Roxanne Donovan...the Truth
UTSA graduate students meet with AALCI Fellows
Kelly Rodgers visits AALCI
San Antonio Ethnic Arts Society 30th Anniversary Exhibit opening
Kevin Morris by Corey Reed and Courtnee Fenner
Mykesha Jackson by Corey Reed and Lauren Barnes
Corey Reed by Kevin Morris and Khadeidra Billingsley
Lauren Barnes by Kevin Morris and Khadeidra Billingsley
Khadeidra Billingsley by Mykesha Jackson and Courtnee Fenner
Courtnee Fenner by Lauren Barnes and Mykesha Jackson
Joycelyn Moody and the 2013 AALCI Fellows
From UNCF/Mellon to AALCI
2013 AALCI Reading Materials
Sonja Lanehart, The AALCI Book Benefactor
Transformations of a course packet
AALCI 2013

Art collector Harriet Kelley & AALCI
Scholar Doveanna Fulton visits AALCI
TCU scholars visit AALCI
Kinitra Brooks visits AALCI
UTSA Scholars Organize discussion of “Sweat” 
Bryan Carter visits AALCI 2012 
Two Fellows celebrate birthday
2012 Fellows Visit UTSA Library
African American Literatures and Cultures Institute 2012

• A Big Week for AALCI
Technology and AALCI
AALCI in New York
Ask Emily: The AALCI Program Coordinator
Map Maker Visits the Institute
Studying Partial Chronologies
Librarians Empowering Young Researchers
AALCI and Second Life
The Relentless Mission of Bryan Carter
African American Literatures and Cultures Institute 2011

A Glimpse at AALCI
Notes on the Civil Rights Exhibit
Notes on the Strand Bookstore
Notes on the Brooklyn Museum
Notes on Harlem
NYC photos
Fellows offer impressions of NYC
Photos from the AALCI Exhibit
The AALCI Exhibit
More Ways of Understanding the Academy
Building Technological Consciousness
Visiting Austin
Becoming Professors and Scholars
Understanding the Academy
Lit. Prof. Dana Williams visits AALCI
Negotiating the Academy
Reading Black Poetry
Researchers in Action
No TV, No Problem
From the Opening Event
Addressing the Pipeline Problem
Getting Started
100 Poems
• The AALCI Designs
• Welcome to the AALCI


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