Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Building Technological Consciousness

Bryan Carter leading technology workshop for AALCI Fellows

On Monday, we got a visit from Bryan Carter, a professor of literature from the University of Central Missouri. Carter led a workshop for the AALCI that greatly expanded our considerations of what's possible utilizing new media and various digital technologies.

Carter also introduced our Fellows to the popular online virtual world Second Life. He led our group on the creation of avatars and took them on a tour of Virtual Harlem, an island on Second Life created by Carter that depicts the sites and sounds of 1920s Harlem. For years now, Carter has taught many of his courses on Second Life and through the use of internet radio broadcasts, skype and chat sessions, and with voicethread and ustream channels.

All our Fellows have facebook accounts, and some have utilized new media for special projects. However, Carter pushed us to start thinking about the development of online "electronic portfolios" as a way of presenting those aspects of our professional records and accomplishments on the web that do not adequately translate onto the pages of a conventional print version of a vita.

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