Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lit. Prof, Dana Williams visits AALCI

On Monday, Howard University literature professor Dana Williams visited our program to discuss Toni Morrison's Sula. Williams led us on an exploration of Morrison's work utilizing an African American studies framework developed by black studies scholar, Gregory Carr.

Williams also provided the AALCI Fellows with advice on developing essays at the graduate level and on sharpening their personal statements.

During her discussion of Sula, Williams mentioned that one beauty of African American literature is that "it gives voice to things we feel but can't say." In some respects, her observation served to compliment Morrison's ability to give voice to those things we were not always equipped to say.

During the course of her presentation, Williams gave us insight on annotating literary texts in order to prepare essays on the works. In a way, she was giving us ways to appreciate and then participate in the processes of giving voice to things previously unspeakable.

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