Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Notes on the Strand Bookstore

(AALCI Fellows Kimberly McClurg and Cherrelle Denwiddie check out the "black studies" section at the Strand)

[By Alysha Griffin and Cherrelle Denwiddie]

As part of our scholastic adventure to New York, we journeyed to an intellectual mecca. Located in a cozy area in Manhattan at the corner of 12th street and Broadway stands Strand Bookstore. The bookstore was a perfect source of inspiration for our burgeoning group of scholars. For many of us, the bookstore showed us the infinite possibilities of research and creativity.

For AALCI Fellow Kimberly McClurg, a history lover, the bookstore proved to be a treasure box. “Never have I seen such a diverse collection of books under one roof,” she said. “For readers and non-readers alike, it s a beautiful way to gain knowledge and interact with those who seek it.”

The bookstore boasts of having over eighteen miles of books in the three levels. While the vast amount of books is initially overwhelming, a visitor will soon become enveloped in the space.

The bookstore does have its deficiencies despite its wonder. For instance, if the Native American section is practically nonexistent, then the African-American section in the Strand bookstore is only a speck amongst other literatures that the Strand bookstore offers. Every black scholar should know that the Strand is great for a wide variety of literature, but not if you need that literary gem of black studies. However, Cassaundra Sampson, AACLI Fellow and playwright, said that the Strand’s books of plays are extremely “reasonable and affordable.”

If you’re looking for an experience to give you a bookgasm, the Strand is the place to be. As a book haven for diverse literatures, the Stand can’t be beat.

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