Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Notes on the Brooklyn Museum

(Joycelyn Moody and AALCI Fellow Cassaundra Sampson discuss artifacts at Brooklyn Museum)

[By Jeanie Hollingsworth and Amber Wicks]

On Friday, June 25 the AALCI participants traveled to Brooklyn to visit the Brooklyn Museum. The five story museum houses several exhibits of remarkable art, but one we took special interest in was “The Arts of Africa” exhibit. This exploration of African culture captivates viewers with mating and spiritual dances, fertility and royal masks, and grand warrior staffs. All of these pieces of art serve a great purpose to their people, which is very interesting.

One display in particular, the Male Wadaabe Charm Dance, was the most intriguing. This short clip showed how traditions are continued and passed on among the Wadaabe men of Niger by presenting this dance over a span of about ten years. Each time, the men would dress up as women and try to be as alluring as possible by imitating the females in their tribe. The males performing would do all this in hopes of being chosen for marriage. This was particularly interesting in comparison to western culture where men usually select their mates.

(AALCI Fellow Alysha Griffin studying sculpture.)

Although the traditional art pieces of art were astonishing, a classmate Gwendolyn Denwiddie stated, “Africa has modern art that should be on display also.” Completely agreeing with this, we feel that the modern art would further show how traditions and beliefs in the different regions of Africa are carried on and effect everyday life. All in all, the art displayed in the Brooklyn Museum was compelling, and the array of exhibits will leave one mesmerized and more knowledgeable about Africa, its many cultures and peoples.

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