Saturday, June 19, 2010

Understanding the Academy

Deborah Thomas and Joycelyn Moody

Beyond our discussions of black studies and folks' particular fields of study, we've been have a developing conversation about what it means in general to pursue university careers. This past Thursday, Deborah Thomas, assistant to the dean of the College of Liberal and fine arts, and Sonja Lanehart, Brackenridge Endowed Chair in the Literature and Humanities, visited our group. They discussed the experiences working at UTSA and in the academy in general. explained the operations of the university.

Thomas gave an overview of the structure of universities in general and gave her perspectives based on her more than 18 years of experience working in higher education. Lanehart discussed aspects of her educational and professional trajectory and discussed the challenges and opportunities of being a university professor.

Sonja Lanehart

The discussion was really informative and helped us revise and expand our understandings of the academy.

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