Sunday, June 17, 2012

Scholar Doveanna Fulton visits AALCI

Doveanna Fulton and Joycelyn Moody
On Friday, June 15, scholar Doveanna Fulton made a presentation for Fellows. Professor Fulton, who has recently accepted a position to become Dean Fulton, discussed how she became interested in studying historical literature.  

Among other factors, a key moment along Fulton's scholarly journey occurred early on when she took a literature course with Gabrielle Foreman, a literary historian and specialist in 19th century African American literature. Fulton was quite impressed with Foreman, who provided guidance, advice, and inspiration on how to pursue a career as a professor and scholar. Listening to Fulton discuss Foreman's assistance and influence clarified the extents to which the appearance of a good teacher in a student's life at a key moment can make such an important difference.

Fulton provided our Fellows with a general blueprint for how a sister moves from undergrad to graduate school to professor to director of a Black Studies program, director of a Gender and Race Studies program, and on to a Dean position.     

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Anonymous said...

I just ran across this--and am honored and humbled by it. You should hear the amazing scholars Fulton has supported talk about her!

P. Gabrielle Foreman
Ned B. Allen Professor of English
Professor of Black American Studies