Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bryan Carter visits AALCI 2012

June 7 and 8, Literature scholar and techno-guide-extraordinaire Bryan Carter led workshops with our Fellows related to various online applications and how they might incorporate technology into their academic activities. Carter visited our institute in 2010 and 2011, and has always offered a range of insight and entries into the latest in what we should be up on related to technology.

This year he introduced us to more than a dozen applications, including Layar creator, Zotero, Vokle, Qik, iPadio, Spreecast, Spreaker, Dropbox, evernote, mixlr, sidecar, and bambouser. Carter also led the Fellows on a tour of Virtual Harlem on Second Life. Our movements over the course of those two days with Carter were, as usual, a whirlwind of activity and quite useful for expanding our sense of what's possible with technology.

What has been especially notable to me having observed Carter's presentations for three years now has been how up-to-date he remains on the latest technological applications and gadgets. Each year, he introduces a new batch of at least a dozen applications.  It's fascinating and inspiring to witness the results of a scholar's interest in continually knowing what's new and useful out there.

African American literary scholars and Black Studies scholars could learn a lot from the processes of sharing and staying on the cutting edge that seem central to the tech communities to which Bryan Carter belongs.

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