Wednesday, June 15, 2011

AALCI and Second Life

The AALCI crew with Bryan Carter in Virtual Harlem on Second Life
Last week, we spent more time on Second Life with the literature professor and tech wizard Bryan Carter adjusting our new avatars and exploring this 3D virtual world. There were about 10 of us, a small group on the one hand, but then again, I figured that it was fairly rare to have so many African American Studies scholars moving around together in Virtual Harlem and Virtual Montmarte.

So I gathered the group in front of one of the museums and took a snapshot.

I had actually made the request for folks to pose for a group photo the day before, but everyone - except Carter - had adamantly refused until they had updated the look of their avatars. (Oh, my, my, my: the stories I could tell about my folks' concern with their physical appearance and fashion attire on Second Life.).

AALCI crew in classroom in Virtual Montmarte on Second Life
We have a good time learning more and more about what it meant to embody these avatars in a culturally distinct space. We visited a museum in Virtual Harlem and saw where Professor Carter teaches his classes in  Virtual Montmarte. The option of teleporting made the move from New York City to Paris so effortless.

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