Sunday, June 17, 2012

TCU scholars visit AALCI

Mona Narain and Sarah Robbins
On Friday, June 15, Texas Christian University (TCU) literature scholars Mona Narain and Sarah Robbins met with our Fellows to discuss the graduate program in English at their university and graduate school in general. All of us were quite impressed by their presentation and the opportunities available at TCU.

Prior to the visit from Narain and Robbins, I was getting the sense that some of the Fellows were becoming somewhat exhausted or burnt-out from continually scrolling through dozens of graduate school web pages to investigate potential programs. Our TCU guests, however, offered a break from the virtual and limited interface of the web and facilitated a real-life, lively, and interactive conversation about applying to graduate school.

Narain and Robbins began by asking each of our Fellows what they were looking for from a graduate program. Beginning with that question and listening to our group's responses ended up being an important starting place for the wide-ranging discussion that followed. In addition to offering a strong case for why our Fellows might consider applying to TCU, Narain and Robbins offered advice on how to produce high quality application packages for any graduate programs.     

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