Sunday, June 17, 2012

2012 Fellows Visit UTSA Library

Juli McLoone presents with Fellows
On Monday, June 4, we made our annual visit to John Peace Library at UTSA to meet with reference librarian Tara Schmidt and rare books librarian Juli McLoone. As always, Schmidt and McLoone helped to empower our fellows to better understand the possibilities for research.
Our group participated in two exercises focusing on library research and presentations. First, McLoone led the group in an activity that focused on materials associated with the Sterling Houston Papers. Schmidt led an activity concentrating on utilizing the library's online material to develop small presentations with the online application Glogster.  

In addition to their formal presentations, McLoone and Schmidt have provided our groups with useful assistance over the years solidifying research projects. They listen as our Fellows discuss their projects, and then they begin raising questions and offering suggestions for using library resources, which really assists us in gaining a sense of direction with our various research activities.  

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