Saturday, June 10, 2017

Course packets and reading materials

We have a range of reading materials for the summer. In addition to handouts, I produced a course packet. We're also reading Colson Whitehead's The Underground Railroad (2016), Deborah Willis's Black: A Celebration of Culture (2004), and Katharine Harmon's You Are Here: Mapping the Soul of the City (2016).

What I like about the course packet is that it accumulates much of what we've gathered over the years. There are sample writings from past Fellows, and there are write-ups based on what I've learned over the years working with the students. The course packet, as a form, enables me to bring an assortment of ideas together in something resembling a sense of order. I hope, too, that some of the materials contained in the packets will serve the Fellows well beyond the Institute.  (I wrote more about the value of the course packets in 2016).

AALCI 2017


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