Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Alesia Alexander's presentation

Alesia Alexander

For my AALCI project I chose to research white womens and black womens relationships in the 19th Century, specifically white women who were wives of slave owning husbands and enslaved African American women. I looked at these relationships through slave narratives, interviews, and scholarly essays and then used that information to analyze the modern day historical fiction novel Property by Valerie Martin. Through historical and scholarly texts and the historical fiction novel there are many instances of violence from white women inflicted on black women, even though this relationship is less acknowledged in history.

I became interested in this research because the dynamics of the plantation household is interesting to me, especially the relationships between the different people. I am interested womens relationships because romantic interracial relationships are a hot topic in media today, but interracial/cross cultural friendships are not as visible. Investigating this research and learning about the mindset of some of these women sheds light on how these relationships were in the past and how future research could possibly relate to today's relationships between women.

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