Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Amber Walker

By Mariah Hill and Alesia Alexander

“As a college scholar, I am a critical thinker. I’m always observing and thinking!”

Amber Walker is a bright, senior at University of Texas at San Antonio from Houston, TX. She is studying Multi-Disciplinary Studies with concentrations in Political Science, Communications, and French.

What makes Amber unique is the fact that she embraces everyone whole heartedly not letting anyone’s difference effect the impact she want to have on their lives.

Amber became the matriarch of the family at a young age. She was determined to make a better life for herself and for the wellbeing of her 11 nieces and nephews. Her journey to success is inspired by her willingness to help and give unto others. The biggest impact she wants to make is to help her people become more literate. Not just the sense of books but culturally and politically literate. She feels it is her calling to educate her people so more are conscious to the world they live in.

The fear of leaving the African American community “hanging” has inspired her to positively impact others. Amber would want the world to know “Me We” quoted by Muhammad Ali, in a sense that we are all one, and once we realize that, more effective, positive and united change can be made.

AALCI 2014


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