Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Amber Walker's poster presentation

By Amber Walker

Since the presidency of Barack Obama, many scholars have began to question whether or not racism in America has become less vocalized and more hidden among Americans due to the possible feel of contentment and comfort brought by the first African American president. Utilizing Tim Wise's book, Between Barack and Hard Place, this research seeks to answer the question of whether the willingness to address racism among Black and White Americans has decreased since the presidency of Barack Obama. Through this research, I challenge the thought that by not addressing racism, we are in fact birthing a newer form of racism.

My purpose for choosing this research is to increase awareness among Americans about the ability to erect barriers on people of color. I chose to use Tim Wise's book because he articulates critical questions throughout his books. He articulates that barriers are placed on African Americans who do not conform into the archetype of Barack Obama--a black man who millions of White Americans can identify and relate.

AALCI 2014


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Anonymous said...

Great job, Amber. We enjoyed learning about the work you've been doing. Dr. G