Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Deontez Wimbley's poster presentation

By Deontez Wimbley

My research is concerned with how literal young gay men interpret scripture, and how does that interpretation of scripture affect either negatively or positively their attitude towards sexuality. I am very interested in the population of young men who have exhibit a high level or scriptural literalism and a high positive attitude toward sexuality. My interest is situated around he how they negotiate scriptures that explicitly have references to homosexuality and have been traditionally used by the Christian church as evidence for why homosexuality is wrong.

I am interested in this project because according to the Pew Research Center African Americans show to have the highest level of scriptural literalism and are the less progressive on issues of sexuality. Unfortunately the Pew Research doesn't control for sexuality, and I want to know how is the gay male portion of the African American community situated in this data. Also, I'm curious as to how this marginalized sexuality demographic navigate spaces characterized by biblical literalism and anti homosexual.

AALCI 2014


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