Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Notes on Strand Bookstore

We made our visit to the Strand Bookstore in New York City recently. Our Fellows seemed to really enjoy the experience. They provided a few reflections on their experience.
The Strand Bookstore is a compelling, universal center of intellectual power. Not only can the resource be used for research and academic pursuits, but the store features a diverse selection of reading materials that can appeal to the diverse interests of educators,  writers, musicians and others. An English Education major should visit the Strand Bookstore because it provides a wealth of resources to enhance one's critical thinking skills through the wide selection of books and other educational resources. --Candace Chambers

18 miles and 4 floors of "nerdy" paper goodness, the Strand Bookstore caters to any scholar or book enthusiast! I was extremely impressed not only by how many books were there but also by the rare book collection and the helpful staff. Everyone should visit the store and spend a little time to find classic texts for their collection or find new books to explore.  --Alesia Alexander
The strand bookstore serves a unique place in the culture and value system of New York. It's presence and thriving existence exemplifies New York's value on the importance of reading and the further expansion of knowledge, from the classics to the contemporary. It's strong tradition to not only sell books that are used and books that are new further shows it's mission to preserve and promote the need of texts that will forever change society. --Deontez Wimbley

The moment I entered The Strand book store I was overwhelmed with joy from the large number of books present. As an avid reader and lover of words, I felt like a "kid in a candy store" and had no idea where to begin tackling this store which holds eight-teen miles of books. The most wonderful parts about visiting The Strand are, even among four floors of literature, I was able to identify each section, not get lost, and find scholarly book that you only over hear professors discussing. --Amber Walker

Eighteen miles of books, but more sentences, and more words: The Strand is truly a unique place in the Union Square area. Independent bookstores are a dying breed, but amongst academics, that rare book—limited edition—signed copy of a Joyce or Wright work is worth the commute and more importantly the price. The atmosphere—filled with fiction lovers, sci-fi geeks, and Shakespeare fiends—is rare because everyone has a passion for knowledge and creativity, and as a scholar being surrounding by those attributes is essential to crafting our own works and studies. ​--Josalynn J. Smith

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