Monday, June 1, 2015

AALCI 2015

Here we are again. Our activities for this year's 6th cohort of the African American Literatures and Cultures Institute began on Sunday, May 31st, with our opening reception. We'll conclude with a closing reception on June 25. As always, I'll post entries documenting our activities and musings over the next few weeks.

How many questions does Bridget Drinka ask per minute? 
Black women, posing, and selfies 
AALCI in New York City 2015 
Tiasha Jefferson's Poster Presentation
Ayesha Malik's Poster Presentation
Asia Mott’s Poster Presentation
Fullamusu Bangura’s Poster Presentation
Bianca Young’s Poster Presentation
Jay Hotrum’s Poster Presentation
Poster Presentation
Being M.L.K.G
A Serious Supporter: Wanda Guntz 
Design Notes: Ayesha Malik 
Design notes: Tiasha Jefferson
Design notes: Asia Mott
Design notes: Fullamusu Bangura 
Design notes: Bianca Young
Design notes: Jay Hotrum
The Interlocutor, the Ghost Hunter: Joycelyn Moody   
Scholars at Work: AALCI Fellows Visit Special Collections
The Connector: Tara Schmidt
Fellows Visit John Peace Library 
Founder/director, Joycelyn Moody, meets with the Fellows
Week #1 Readings 
Notebooks and sharing 
Responding to Phillis Wheatley and Hayden's "Frederick Douglass" 
Reading slavery/liberation
Joycelyn Moody and the 2015 AALCI Fellows


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