Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Serious Supporter: Wanda Guntz

Wanda Guntz speaks with Joycelyn Moody at program in June 2013

Eventually, the folks who do encyclopedias might send out requests for photographs to accompany the definition of "serious supporter of the people." You already know whose image we're sending, right? Exactly. The good sister Wanda Guntz.

For a few years now, she's been one of our go-to people when our Fellows are giving presentations or just when we reach out for general support. She's always there. A phone call or email message away. 

Wanda Guntz attends Fellows poster session, June 2014.

We name the time, the place, and the nature of the request, and she's there. Professor Joycelyn Moody and I have been deeply grateful for Sister Guntz's generosity. Our Fellows benefit from her presence and her warm personality.

Wanda Guntz speaks with Joycelyn Moody at program in June 2015.

I mention her now because I realized that nearly every time we request her attendance it means we're cutting in to her lunch break or one of her designated breaks from the many tasks she's doing at work. Yet, she never mentions it. Sister Guntz shows up; she's always there.

When and if those encyclopedia folks send out the request for photographs of a person who embodies the idea of "serious supporter," we'll be ready. You know whose images we'll send, right?  

AALCI 2015

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