Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Connector: Tara Schmidt

Each year, Tara Schmidt guides our Fellows through a session in the UTSA John Peace Library. She's worked with each of our 6 cohorts, that is, 43 total students.

As the subject librarian for English, Linguistics, and the Writing Program, Schmidt works with a variety of faculty and students throughout the academic year. She also regularly assists Institute founder Joycelyn Moody on research projects.

Overall, Schmidt is really one of the great connectors; she's a guide to the links professors and students are in search of when they are pursuing research projects. Sometimes, she's tasked with assisting patrons find something that  they can't place their hands on, and at other times, she's tasked with assisting folks find things that they did not know existed.

What makes this whole process notable is how excited Schmidt is about assisting us make the connections. I've witnessed her maintain this high level of enthusiasm with each of our cohorts over the course of 6 years. You get the sense that she's pursuing a passion, not simply doing a job.

During our most recent session, we had our Fellows over here, and then over there, we could  see some hard to reach yet needed information. And right in the middle, we had Tara Schmidt, our connector.   

AALCI 2015

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