Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Being M.L.K.G.

Michael Lee Kelly Gardin, AALCI coordinator, listens to presentation.

When your initials are M.L.K....G, the expectations are high. Like a mountaintop.

We call on you to do a million thises and thats. The room reservations. The flights. The housing
accommodations. The announcements. The check ins, the check ups, the double and triple checks. The copies. The copy cards. The extra paper. The computer codes. The etc. 

Dr. G. assists Fellow with poster project.

It doesn't stop there. You are, after all, "Dr." M.L.K.G., which is to say, we rely on your academic and intellectual expertise as well. "Would you read this?" "Can I tell you my idea?" "How does this sound?" "What else do I need to read?" "What else do I need to write?" "What else do I need to know?" You've encountered it all, and are expected to have answers and advice.

We wonder what's it's like to have initials like those? M.L.K.G. Is it like "Walking with a Ghost" or something?   

Michael Lee K. Gardin assists Joycelyn Moody with receipts.

Michael Lee Gardin and Joycelyn Moody at store selecting snacks for AALCI event.

When you're initials are M.L.K.G., you take on many roles. Coordinator. Advisor. Party planner. Guide. Connector. Sounding board. Idea generator.

And after all of that you pretend you don't have superpowers; you want us to believe, "I'm not your hero." Whatever. Your initials are M.L.K.G. 

AALCI 2015

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