Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Candace Chambers

By Alesia Alexander and Josalynn Smith

"I hate the term ‘over achiever,’ but I always try to succeed at any task given to me."

Candace Chambers is familiar with hard work and high expectations. This great mind is a senior from Jackson State University working towards a baccalaureate in English with a concentration in Education. She is a helpful and caring person and enjoys helping her peers, especially with opportunities for them to grow.

Candace describes herself as a leader. She is a part of four national honor societies and also spends a lot of time in her community. She really loves playing piano at her home church in Jackson, Mississippi.

Candace, a future educator, enjoys the culture of her institution. She says there’s an “opportunity for opportunities” at Jackson State University, which she is thankful for. She is eager to take advantage of those opportunities at her home institution; she would rather have wished she did not take a chance rather than wish she had taken it.

She strives to be more talkative and expressive, but she is constantly thinking and analyzing the world around her. This gospel pianist wants to be remembered as caring. Furthermore, in her future, she hopes to be impactful in her community.

AALCI 2014


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