Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mariah Hill

By Josalynn Smith and Amber Walker

Passionately pursuing a degree in Communications and Africana Studies, Mariah Hill is a scholar who stands incomparable to others. Although Mariah attends the University of Arizona, she hails from Mississippi, Florida, New Mexico, Guam, Georgia, Texas, California, and Arizona, wearing the crown of a military brat.

The place that she enjoyed living the most is Guam. Adapting to new lifestyles is something Mariah has a knack for.

Mariah lives by a few truths on her spiritual journey through life. She believes in finding a reason to smile each day. She embraces herself and what she loves, doing everything with a passion.

“I chose Africana Studies because I felt incomplete and unconscious,” she says.

Much like her favorite animal, the elephant, Mariah is distinguished by her mental strength, steadfastness, responsibility, and power that she plans to use to impact the world. There is no doubting her greatness.

AALCI 2014


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