Friday, June 7, 2013

Courtnee Fenner

By Lauren Barnes and Mykesha Jackson

Blending into the crowd is not something that fits Courtnee Fenner’s creative style. Her warmth can be felt before she ever speaks her kind words. Exuding confidence, passion and style, her quiet confidence radiates from within.

As a senior at Dillard University with a dual major in English and Spanish, she uses her strong love for the written word to write and create. But her passion and unique style are not confined to her pen and paper. Creativity is in everything she does; from her distinctive clothing to her enthusiasm for Japanese haiku, she is not afraid to let the world know that Courtnee Fenner has arrived.

With a strong commitment to civic engagement, Courtnee gives an extensive amount of her time to further educational efforts in African American communities. Through participating in a mentoring program in New Orleans, Courtnee works to instill the value of education among young people. Courtnee’s giving spirit leaves an indelible impression upon everyone she meets, as her leadership fully embodies the essence of true service.

AALCI 2013


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