Friday, June 7, 2013

Kevin Morris

By Corey Reed and Courtnee Fenner

Kevin Morris, a senior at the University of Arkansas, symbolizes the true power of thought. Driven by intellectualism and the pursuit of “Truth” in philosophy, Kevin finds joy and purpose in asking the harder questions about the world. Out of the darkness in his past, Kevin strives for the light of enlightenment and tells stories of life along the way.

When Kevin is not enjoying a juicy steak and a mix of jazz and hip-hop, he is tackling the complex philosophy of Jean Paul SartrĂ©. His love of lyricism and controversial philosophy is what inspired his favorite song to be “F*ck The Police” by NWA. He not only critiques lyrics but also does freelance writing on hip-hop topics.

Kevin’s area of focus is black masculinity and the philosophies associated with that demographic. He hopes to inspire the world through his research and teaching. Whether the avenue is the classroom, scholarly journal, or hip-hop music, Kevin is going to teach a great lesson and tell a powerful story.

AALCI 2013


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