Friday, June 7, 2013

Corey Reed

By Kevin Morris and Khadeidra Billingsley

The altruistic scholar from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a rising senior at Morehouse College double majoring in English and Philosophy. Service stands out as central to his passions, and Corey plans to fulfill his passion through education. He is the son of an educator, and uses the foundation his mother provided to realize his goals.

Corey sports an impressive résumé – holding positions as an English tutor and Teaching Assistant at Morehouse, conducting lectures in the areas of Philosophy and English. In addition to his in-class training, Corey is a leader on campus with his position as President of the Morehouse Education Association. With education as his tool, Corey looks to provide educational assistance to others, noting that "enlightening my students is more important than research."

Aside from the academy, Corey is a sociable person who has a laundry list of interests especially regarding music. He has been a part of gospel groups as well as Spelman College's Praise Team. Sociability allows Corey to touch multiple lives through various avenues, and this will no doubt be beneficial in his career as an "enlightener."

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