Friday, June 7, 2013

Khadeidra Billingsley

By Mykesha Jackson and Courtnee Fenner

The sun never beams as brightly as Khadeidra Billingsley’s smile. An English major from Clark Atlanta University and the eldest of three siblings, Khadeidra is accustomed to juggling academics and family. Being from all corners of the U.S., Khadeidra -- a military child -- can adapt to any situation effortlessly.

In a generation that’s oftentimes superficial, Khadeirdra has a nice, groovy soulfulness that’s graceful and embracing. “I’ve always felt I was put on this earth for the purpose of others,” says Khadeidra behind a coy smile. She plans to fulfill her life's purpose by becoming a college professor and educating others.

Khadeidra has taken advantage of financial and academic resources afforded to her, and she wishes to share that with her students. “I want to teach resourcefulness and help my students find avenues that others don’t seek out.” With such a nurturing and giving spirit, Khadeidra’s sure to touch lives.

AALCI 2013


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