Monday, June 3, 2013

AALCI 2013

Our activities for the African American Literatures and Cultures Institute began on Sunday, June 2, with our opening reception. We'll conclude with a closing reception on June 28. In the meantime, I'll post entries on the site about our progress over the next 4 weeks.

Meeting with Upward Bound student 
The AALCI Poster Session
Week 1 photos: selection of images
The Multi-data artist currently known as Bridget Drinka
Tara Schmidt and those Clarifying Questions
DH special collections librarian or special collections DH scholar?
AALCI Fellows meet with UTSA Librarians
Allegra Castro and Erin Ranft, the organizers
Roxanne Donovan...the Truth
UTSA graduate students meet with AALCI Fellows
Kelly Rodgers visits AALCI
San Antonio Ethnic Arts Society 30th Anniversary Exhibit opening
Kevin Morris by Corey Reed and Courtnee Fenner
Mykesha Jackson by Corey Reed and Lauren Barnes
Corey Reed by Kevin Morris and Khadeidra Billingsley
Lauren Barnes by Kevin Morris and Khadeidra Billingsley
Khadeidra Billingsley by Mykesha Jackson and Courtnee Fenner
Courtnee Fenner by Lauren Barnes and Mykesha Jackson
Joycelyn Moody and the 2013 AALCI Fellows
From UNCF/Mellon to AALCI
2013 AALCI Reading Materials
Sonja Lanehart, The AALCI Book Benefactor
Transformations of a course packet


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