Friday, June 7, 2013

Mykesha Jackson

By Corey Reed and Lauren Barnes

Mykesha Jackson is a prime example of how greatness can bloom, even after being planted in cement and thrashed by pain. She is a proud senior at Drury University, focusing on being a role model to her two younger brothers. Despite two brain surgeries, being bullied, and inadequate support, Mykesha has cultivated the pain into power and became remarkably strong.

Mykesha is undoubtedly a fighter, paving the way for others. As a Communications major, she understands the importance of spreading her message of positivity. With an emphasis on young women’s mental health, she is involved in a number of on-campus organizations that allow her to share her ideas of self-respect, love, and perseverance.

Mykesha is a confident, secure young woman who is an inspiration to the world. Her belief in empowering and respecting herself, as well as others, has given her research, and her life, purpose. Mykesha, a powerful role model and triumphant queen, is leading America toward peace and love.

AALCI 2013


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