Friday, June 7, 2013

Kelly Rodgers visits AALCI

"She brought you in this world," I was telling the Fellows earlier this week in reference to Professor Kelly Rodgers, who coordinates the selection committee for the African American Literatures and Cultures Institute. On Wednesday, June 5, Rodgers shared a story our Fellows will not soon forget about her journeys from one of four black people at a small college in Missouri to near-law school student to math instructor to graduate student in romance languages to graduate student in educational psychology to college professor.

When she's not visiting the crew here, Rodgers is moving the crowd at the Borough of Manhattan Community College where she teaches psychology, developmental psychology, and child development. The Fellows found Rodgers's narrative "liberating" in large part because so many of their worries about whether they would have to follow a single path. Hearing that Rodgers is blending various aspects of her prior academic training in Spanish, mathematics, and educational psychology in her professional life made folks more aware that they could pursue multiple interests. 

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