Saturday, June 8, 2013

Allegra Castro and Erin Ranft, the organizers

Allegra Castro and Erin Ranft at the AALCI opening reception
Earlier this week at one of the panels, no one would have noticed if we didn't introduce Allegra Castro and Erin Ranft. In this cosmos of AALCI, who doesn't know those two already? Long before the Fellows arrived, Allegra was organizing and handling logistics for the Institute. She was filling out paperwork, reserving rooms, sending emails about forms, re-sending emails with a friendly reminder about the first emails, and doing everything else to make sure we got started in the best possible way.

Erin, or "Dr. E," as well call her, took on the programming duties as Allegra's term ended, not that Allegra's term can really ever end. Dr. E. made sure everyone got checked into the residences ok, and she has been handling the day-to-day logistics and sat in on some of the sessions. Oh, and the grocery stores runs. Who could survive without the good ol' trips to the grocery store and other spots where car transportation is required?

Erin Ranft discussing AALCI setup with Institute director Joycelyn Moody

It's been something observing Dr. E. coordinating the details of our group's activities and movements before those activities and movements happen. She's certainly made and making our lives easy here. 

I was thinking and mentioning "outliers" to the group early on and noting that seemingly exceptional or accomplished people are the beneficiaries of an extensive network of support. In more ways than our folks can count, Allegra and Erin have been integral to that network of support.

AALCI 2013


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