Saturday, June 11, 2016

Who should write more? Part 1

We covered a short essay making the case for more writing from various people. I asked the Fellows to the fill in the blanks "____________  ___________ should write more" and offer a short reason why.


Black introverts like me, should write more.

Black introverts are some of the best thinkers due to the amount of time they spend observing instead of speaking. As a black introvert myself, I can relate to introverts who have substantial ideas to bring to the table but have neither the willingness nor confidence to speak in public spaces. Writing is a tool that will encourage black introverts to live more curiously and creatively while also allowing them to express thoughts they may have otherwise kept to themselves.

Zari Taylor

Outlier children like me should write more.

I know that I am not the only one, at 21 years of age, who has ever felt orphaned or alone in a huge but disconnected and dysfunctional family. Acclaimed poet Frank X Walker tackles the ache of caring for but necessarily maintaining an emotional distance from family members whose self-harm is still unraveling in his chapbook About Flight. He and I seem to agree from experience that what can be most bruising about having a family is that they are a part of you and they belong to you--wounds and all. Think of the communal healing space we could begin to carve out if we were determined and courageous enough to explore this pain more.

Angel Dye


Black poets, like me, should write more.

Public prose shows your audience how you feel about the world that you live in. Since poets are believed to be heavy empathizers, we should always be striving to be transparent with our life experiences and in constant dialog in order to become better literary artists.

Nia Brookins
Fort Worth, TX, June 10, 2016


AALCI 2016

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